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About Sharon

I’ve been very sensitive and had a deeper knowing what individuals where like and could see if they were good or bad since I was very little. I have always seen the good in everyone and being born with this gift of seeing how amazing, strong and capable people are was something that took me a long time to understand.

In every situation I have been in, I can see all the good a person has to offer a situation. I can see how imperative every individual is in making this world a better place. When talking to someone, if I was given a chance, I would share with the individual how they were making a difference.

Moving through my own emotional blocks and growing up has taken me on a journey of how I can use these gifts and talents to help others see how amazing they are.

One of my journeys allowed me to studying under Suzy Miller for nine years, I was able to learn how to check-in and understand individuals with greater awareness than I had before and was able to expand and strengthen my talents to what they are today.

Now it is time to unleash my own inner power and innate gifts and created “Sharon” to help everyone who steps in my space own their inner power, innate gifts with confidence, and love.  

The frequency I invite you to step into a space to reenergize you to feel  Empowerment, Hope for the Future, Love, Peace and Stability as you move through your own life.

You have the power to change your life. I am here helping you see your own magnificence.

You are so Loved!!

Sharon Hall
Empowering You Facilitator
Awesomism Practitioner
Selenite Sword Facilitator

If you are interested in learning more about Awesomism, you can learn more at: