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Discover Your Gifts

(written form)

Want to find out what your gifts are? You can purchase My Gifts in written form you find out what gifts and strengths you were born with and discover things you never knew about yourself.

Sharon uses her ability to look at your amazing  traits you were born with to help you see yourself from a new perception of capability, confidence, and empowerment.

What’s Your Gifts

(Indepth intial live chat)

Want a deeper understanding of your gifts and talents? Instead of having Sharon create a written form, you can have a live Zoom chat. You and Sharon will take a deeper dive into what your gifts are and how you are using your gifts and talents in your current situations. You will be able to find ways to implement what you already know and unleash your inner power and confidence as you navigate and grow from your current situations.

Using Your Gifts


Pick-Me-Up chats are for those individuals who have already had an initial chat or have purchased the written form. These powerful 60-minute chats are about giving yourself a boost or pick-me-up to move through situations with more ease.  The difference is, Sharon will use her skills to remove deep rooted unconscious emotional blocks that are holding you back.

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Sharon’s Abilities



  • Sees the good in you.
  • Sees the gifts and talents you were born with.
  • Wraps you in a space of total acceptance and love.
  • Shows you how you are already using your gifts and talents in your daily life.
  • Empowers you to see yourself from a place of love.

Emotional Energy work can help you: 

  • Release blocked emotional feelings with ease.
  • Release unconscious patterns.
  • Release the feelings within you that are creating unwanted experiences.
  • Feel lighter and happier inside.
  • Find the peace within You!

Sharon’s Tools:

  • Sharon is able to feel your energy fields in your emotional and mental body. She is able to help you discover what emotional, mental, and physical blocks you have that are limiting you in your daily life.
  • With the use of Selenite Swords of Light, Sharon can help and guide you though energetically releasing these blocks. (Learn more about Selenite Swords of Light HERE.)


Seven years ago I received a knock on my front door I had just moved in. I opened it to find a darling lady with shiny eyes and a warm smile. She handed me a plate of warm cinnamon rolls and said hi I’m Sharon I live across the street I have three boys one of which (pointing behind her to boy on a longboard with headphones skating) that has high functioning autism. Please know we are working on using appropriate words.

Right there and then I knew I had found a lifelong friend. Since that day Sharon has taught me about love acceptance and authenticity. She has supported me on the hard days and cheered for me on the good. She not only teaches me through deep thought out words but by her example as she raises her three kind and hard-working boys. I am deeply grateful to have her. Every woman needs a Sharon in their lives!

Xoxo CP

I recently had some mean things written about me and I had to work through getting over the hurt and why someone would be so cruel. What I found that helped me get through this time in my life was that before those things were even written, Sharon had done some energy work on me and said that I was loved and had a good heart. She also said more things that helped me through. I hadn’t realized at the time of the energy work, how much I would need those things in my session to help me through the short time to come in my life. After that mean thing that was written about me, Sharon did another energy session for me. I could feel her love and she was so intune with the energy work that needed to be done for me to help me heal. I don’t know what I would have done without Sharon and her energy work. She truly has a gift and I know she can help you, if you will give her and her energy work a try.


Sharon Hall is an angel on earth. Her goodness and generosity has allowed her to be in tune with the energies and goodness of those around her. She sees people as they truly are and her love has lead her to desire to share that gift for the betterment of others.

Sharon, through her services, helped me come to terms with my struggles. Especially with my struggles with ADHD and personal doubts. She enabled me to see how my struggles have contributed and developed into strengths. Allowing her to use her abilities to share my talents and gifts with me, has empowered me and built up my self worth. I feel more centered and comfortable with myself. I am excited to use my specialness to enrich my own life and the lives of others!


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