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Your Words

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“Your Words”

Join me now as we discover the words we use are the easiest and quickest way to creating new opportunities for us and our family to come together creating more unity.  Words have amazing power which our society seems to have no understanding how powerful every sound coming out of our mouth really is. Learn how your current words and phrases may be creating exactly what you don’t want and how simply tweaking a phrase or replacing one word for another creates big changes in your connection, communication and love with your children.

In this component we will address:

  • The words we use are really powerful and why.
  • What are positive, negative, and neutral words.
  • How positive or negative words, and phrases create our reality.
  • Typical phrases we use with our children.
  • What phrases to replace with your current phrases
  • Why the words we use with our children matter.

The BEST part about words is they are free and available to everyone. All we have to do is make a conscious choice and choose different words to begin to create a new relationship with our children including children with special needs.

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This component contains a short video discussing the above points, a mediation audio, and simple exercises assisting you to move from your current words to new words and phrases with greater ease and grace.[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]


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