This week’s blog “Where is Your Value”?

Hey There It’s Sharon,

This week is all about finding your value.

Today as I write this blog, I am thinking “I can’t write about happiness” I am not happy cause I can’t find my value. Well if you are experiencing the same thing, ya know what I am talking about.

For me, today is not one of those days that I can use every trick in the book to bring happiness to the forefront. NOPE, it just won’t work.

I have to look at my value square in the face today. Not fun, and what’s really not fun, is all the low, self-worth feelings that come with it.

It took me a minute to find even a glimmer of hope to get out of this YUCK! Thought I would share what I did to turn things around.

First off I asked myself:

  • What is the gift in these feelings?
    • I could feel that the answer is a core belief and I couldn’t cover it up by looking outside of myself.
    •  The answer had to come from within.

You know when those amazing answers come from God/Universe… It’s amazing how fast it works.

  • I had an instant divine moment, and I could see I was being asked to step into my value not away from it. All the self-worthlessness needed to be let go of to create valued feelings within me.
  • I realized that my value comes from within.
  • I had to begin to FEEL MY OWN Valued frequencies.
  • I had to ask myself some serious questions and answer them honestly.

It changed my whole demeanor and energy on the spot.

  • Now my self-worth showed up.
    • Now I showed up.
    • I am feeling the frequency “I can do this!”
    • I don’t have to play small. I won’t play small.
    • I am happy once again.


  •  Ask Yourself some serious questions/Write down your answers BE HONEST.
    • What am I good at?
    • What does my family or friends love about me?
    • What simple things do I do well that I love?
    • What do I love to do for other people?
  • NOW FEEL those answers of How Good You ARE bring that Divine Light within YOU and shine this new space from within.