This week’s blog is about Choosing to be Happy!

Hey There It’s Sharon,

This week is all about choosing to be happy. First off let’s talk about why CHOOSING to be Happy is so important

Yes, there is power when you consciously choose to be happy. It is crazy what happens to your day, your mood, your cellular structure, and your youthing capacities.

When we start down the road to owning our magnificence, it is important to have a foundation. That foundation starts with choosing to be happy. I never realized how important it was until I did it for myself (watch my video below about that journey).  Well when you begin to take charge and focus on what you do want and what is working in your favor in addition give gratitude, it creates a stable foundation to grow more happiness in your life.  You also begin to clear feelings that block you from experiencing more happiness.

By being diligent to choose happy every day, you find that each day is easier and easier to create more happiness.  You may find that you are living with more peace and your nervous system is starting to handle life. I personally have found that by consciously choosing to be happy my life flows, my cells radiate with more joy, I feel lighter, and seriously those days when I am miserable, full of fear and anxiety I find my skin sagging,  Now that I am choosing happy, I find my skin is more tight and healthy. At this age anything to help the youthful skin is worth going after especially when it makes life better.

Time to start choosing happy. It builds your magnificence, creates a stronger foundation to live life, plus you start spreading love and joy around without ever trying.

Check out my video as to why Choosing to be happy is so important in creating a new foundation going forward.