Children with special needs do not fit the model of what society says is normal in every crevice and cranny in our lives. Our lives are turned upside down in ways we didn’t know existed. Every hope we had for this child is diminished and our outlook on life becomes more depressing the older our child becomes. We then become more depressed with life and find it really hard to keep going.

Mothers and fathers who have a child with special needs nothing works the way we are told it should. Some days there are no words to describe our child’s behavior for a morning or even a full day. We all know what it is like. The craziness and how hard it is to function from day-to-day.

What if your child came here with more love than you ever thought possible. What if your child came here with more love in their bodies than what you grew up with or ever experienced? What if your child came here with more kindness and appreciation for every one including Mother Earth herself?  What if your child’s mission is to live from a place of love instead of fear, survival and anxiety. What if your child came here so determined that you can’t reach them from Where we operating naturally from a place of fear and survival, which is a reflection of what we experience today with our own children the melt downs, the depression, the craziness. In my book that is exactly what our children with special needs are here to do remove the fear and anxiety from our lives.

These children operate from love, joy, happiness, kindness not from fear, hate or survival.  Have you noticed on those day when you operate from a place of love you actually reach your child? I found this to be the case with my autistic son and the more I operate from love and joy the more I get to see his amazing abilities he came with to change the world from a fear base to a love base.

Bonus: Operating from a place of love has made it so my typical boys are able to hold their own, are more kind, generous, thoughtful and are expanding in ways I never thought would be so easy to achieve.

I am still learning what does it mean to operate from love. I thought I always had. I had no idea what operating from love really means until my son with autism showed me the way. I saw more capability, more love, more progression in his ability when I started to truly operate from love. I also found more joy, peace, compassion and love within me.

May you begin to operate from love and see your child with special needs in a whole new way.

Lots of Love,