When my little brother was born my mom suffered severely from postpartum depression. She did not want my little brother at all. My mom did all the motions of taking care of us, but she wasn’t there in a loving way for quite awhile.

About a year and half later my mom went into my little brother’s room as she bent down to say “good night, I love you” My little brother rolled over and turned his back to her.

My mom was devastated realizing my little brother had shut her down. He didn’t feel loved at all. My mom knew she had to do something to change what had happen when he was born and to help him feel loved.  Every night my mom would go into my little brother’s bed and tuck him. She would say “Good night Sweetie, I love you.” When she had nights and she couldn’t sleep, My mom would go into his room and tell him in his sleep all the things she loved about him and how happy she was to have him apart of her life.

My mom did this every night for about 7 or 8 months with my little brother not responding at all. One night she went into his room to say “Good night Sweetie, I love you.” He looked at her and said, “I love you mommy.” My mom was happy. She knew he now felt loved.

You have so much power to change your life and those around you. You can bring more love than you ever thought possible.  Trust your heart.  You get divine answers through your heart and which brings the love to the forefront. It can even open close doors.

With Love,