Sitting here thinking of you.

Hey there, its Sharon,

Stepping into my new job today!  What is my new job, you ask?  Well, I am helping anyone and everyone who wants to find their MAGNIFICENCE while letting go of their shame, guilt, stress, and anxiety.

   I can hear you saying to me. “Why would I want to find My MAGNIFICENCE?” Well when you start to let your           Magnificence SHINE, you begin to live with more GRACE and more EASE.

My desire to help you came from my own struggled with my ability to step into my Magnificence. I have had a room full of tools, so many simple ones, hard ones, you name it, a lot of it. I did not know nor could I find what was holding me back. In January of 2024, I had an energy session and was completely blown away. My session involved a big hidden issue requiring me to break invisible, energetic cords, caused by trauma, that were holding my self-worth hostage. 

Then several clients came to me, they had their own energetic cords. Once I helped them break their cords, released A LOT of their stress and pain. Also helped them begin to find their self-worth again.

 These last couple of experiences have put me on a new path; I want to help you move into your Magnificence with ease too.

So in future emails. I will be writing about the following questions.

  • What kind of frequencies can create energetic cords?
  • How can you use love to protect yourself? 
  • How to be so powerful that no negative energy can touch you?
  • What kinds of simple tools can you implement to protect you?
  • Why releasing your trauma is so important? (Not only for you, but for your posterity)
  • What is the Power in being Magnificence? 
  • How to incorporate GRACE in you life?
  • Why Step into your Magnificence?

It is time to begin to let go of your fear and trauma so you can Shine your Magnificence.

Wishing you a wonderful day.