As moms we have been taught to worry. In today’s society worry seems to be a form of love. If we are not in worry, we are not caring or loving enough. As a mother of three boys, I have come to learn that worry does the exact opposite of showing love. Especially in the teenage years.

Worry pushed my boys away and closed down our open communication. Worry tends to get in the way and we focus on the negative instead of the positive that comes from the experiences our teens have. When our children are younger and we are in lots of worry, our children never find any stability from us because our emotions are never stable. Our children are only feeling fear and worry they cannot feel any peace and security from us. In addition of doing the exact opposite, we are teaching our children to worry instead of thinking how can I accomplish my goals while enjoying life’s journey.

Instead of worrying we need to incorporate communication with authentic love. Authentic love isn’t gooey, or sticky-sweet give your child whatever they want.  Authentic love is learning and growing together assisting each family member to become the best person they can be.

You and every member of your family learn, fail, win, play, work and experience life together. You see the good, the bad, and the ugly while learning how to grow, support and love each other through all these times.

By letting go of the worry and begin to focus on how we can accomplish whatever we are experiencing.  We naturally focus on becoming more while demonstrating to our children how to problem solve, enjoy life, and start living from a place of love instead of worry.

Problem solving  and accomplishing our goals does more for our family stability at the same time creating a stronger family unit. We are now creating a life with more love and ease. In this day and age, we all could use more love and ease.

May you let go of the worry and find stability in growing together.

With Love,