The other day, my son, Bridger, and I had a few errands to run. We went to Costco and were in line to check out. There was a lady in front of us who in my world was being a little spacey as she was paying for her items. She was nice to the clerk and really quite pleasant. For some reason, I still have no idea how or why her behavior bothered me so badly, but out came my judgment button and I was laying it on thick to Bridger. Not only was it coming out thick it was all really unconscious. I didn’t even notice I was being so judgmental.

As we were walking out to the car Bridger called me out on it. He said, “Why are you judging her?” “How hard is it to be nice to her for the 30 seconds she’s in your life.” “You have no idea if she was having a bad day.” “She wasn’t mean or anything to anybody.” “You don’t even know her and what she may be experiencing when she goes to the store.” “You need to be more compassionate, mom.”

In that instant, I realized not only was I being judgmental, how judgmental I was really being. I couldn’t believe that I was being so biased. I could hear it in my words and tone, the thoughts I was thinking, my actions were reflecting through my uptight body, and my feelings, Holy Cow! There wasn’t one once of love or compassion in me. Right then and there I had to make a conscious choice and change my whole demeanor. I know the world needs more love not judgments. I took a deep breath and ask forgiveness. I felt so bad. This isn’t a frequency I normally hang out in. I prefer to offer compassion and understanding.

So, I took a deep breath changed my whole demeanor and continued on with our errands. Well one of the errands was to pick Bridger’s bike up from the bike shop which we did. Bridger put the bike in the rack on top of the car and off we went continuing on our errands.

When I got home, I pulled into the garage and realized as soon as I heard a BANG! I slammed Bridger’s bike worth thousands of dollars into the garage. I am not going to lie, out came some choice words. We got out of the car and looked at the damage. Bike and bike carrier are about 8 inches further back than they are supposed to be. Not, good! Cross bars bent. Bike still in one piece. Garage had a little mark on the stucco. A relief the garage and bike are ok. The bike rack however was toast.

You know the Golden Rule, aka Law of Attraction, or Karma. Yes, I believe what you give out you get back, but it doesn’t only come back, it comes back with greater punch good or bad. Well it works Great when you are giving out good, but the bad really sucks when it comes back. Revenge can’t compete with Karma in my book. Karma knows exactly where to sock-it-to-you. Well, yes, I got Socked.

Not only did my son have to call me out on my behavior, but I completely spaced out about the bike and did the one thing I am usually really careful to remember and ran the bike into the garage. Karma showed up and gave me back what I had given out with a Bang! No compassion! I now had to forgive myself and have compassion for me when I completely spaced something important.

With Love,