Own Your Power

Embrace Your Gifts

Live life Authentically full of Confidence!

Unlock Your Gifts from Within

Live  Life Feeling Strong and Empowered!

Your gifts give you super powers to live your life.

You were born with super powers!

Focusing on your gifts gives you understanding how powerful you are. Gifts give you amazing ability to see yourself from a whole new way of being. When you focus and expand on the gifts you have you can start living life in a vibration of love, confidence, capability and more. Your life is just waiting to come alive and show the world what you are made of and start offering those special qualities you to the world. The world needs your gifts and talents!

Let Go of  What’s Wrong, Embrace Your Gifts and Power!

Once you are willing to see what gifts you have inside and how they help you in your daily life, you can embrace these powerful assets to give  you the strength to live life from capability, confidence, love, and stability. You have new tools to move through your life with more ease.

Are you ready to:

1. Discover your gifts.

2. Understand how you already use your gifts

3. Empower you from a place of confidence

4. Enhance and consciously use your gifts in every day situations.

5. Start living from a place of magnificient love, joy, and peace.

Are you ready to reconnect with your gifts?

Chats with Sharon

Sessions are set with the intent to discover what tools you were born with, to show you how powerful you are, and to give you tools as you move through life with ease and grace while building on how capable you already are.

Own Your Light, Power, Gifts, Stengths, and Love


Seven years ago I received a knock on my front door I had just moved in. I opened it to find a darling lady with shiny eyes and a warm smile. She handed me a plate of warm cinnamon rolls and said hi I’m Sharon I live across the street I have three boys one of which (pointing behind her to boy on a longboard with headphones skating) that has high functioning autism. Please know we are working on using appropriate words.

Right there and then I knew I had found a lifelong friend. Since that day Sharon has taught me about love acceptance and authenticity. She has supported me on the hard days and cheered for me on the good. She not only teaches me through deep thought out words but by her example as she raises her three kind and hard-working boys. I am deeply grateful to have her. Every woman needs a Sharon in their lives!

Xoxo CP

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