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What’s Your Gifts

(indepth understanding of who you are)

What’s Your Specialness initial live chats are for those who want more than a written document of who they are. These inital session are held over Zoom for one-hour. You and Sharon will take an indepth journey discovering who you are. As you and Sharon weave through your gifts, you are held in a space of  unconditional  love and complete acceptance. You and Sharon will discuss what your gifts and talents are and how you are using them in everyday situations. These sesssions are designed to show you how you use your strengths and gifts in the current situations. You will be able to find ways to implement what you already know and unleash your inner power and confidence as you navigate and grow from any situation.

The purpose of a live chat is for you to discover how you matter, are special, and are here to make the world a better place. You have all these gift waiting inside to come out. Live chats are geared to show you how you can use your inner strengths and gifts to handle situations.

Begin seeing how you were given amazing gifts to share with the world, humanity, and everyone you are around.

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