About CET Sessions


Sharon holds a space of ultimate relaxation, peace, and freedom allowing you to let go of your Traumatic Experience held in the body. Sharon uses her intuition and is guided to were you stored your trauma in the bones, organs, and many other places.  Together you and Sharon will release the stored fear, anxiety, stress, etc… you feel in the body.

When the session is about finished Sharon amplifies your light, love and wholeness.  When your session is complete you are standing in your amplified frequency!  This gives you inner strength and power to handle what happens next with more ease and grace. A NEW FOUNDATION.

Note: Each session is held with the intention/prayer to show Sharon what is ready to be released right now in the highest good for you. (Too much of a good thing is not a good thing.)  That being said, we go at your pace. You may need more than one session depending on how deep the trauma is.

CET sessions are 75-minutes long


CET Session Pricing

DISCLAIMER: Your session is provided for information purposes only and should not be construed in any way as medical or psychological advice or instruction. As stated above, if you are in need of medical or psychological advice, seek out a licensed professional. Further, I do not guarantee that CET sessions will work for you. If you try CET it is completely at your own risk.