Creating love in your home is easier said than done.  I find it so interesting that we want to have more love in our family, but we don’t stop to do the very first and simple steps to begin creating more love in this aspect of our lives.

Love begins with us.  We are constantly either modeling love or fear. In every moment of everyday, what we say, what we think, and how we act are naturally woven together creating more love or fear into our own family.  We unconsciously live in fear thinking we are creating love and safety in our home.  There is no way we can create love in our space or within ourselves when we are in fear. We will always create more fear.

Because we live in fear these fears dictate our lives until we begin to move our focus away from fear and begin focusing on love and empowerment to ourselves and those around us.  It is such a habit to be in fear we don’t even realize when we are.

Have you ever watched a mom when they are in fear? Next time you are experiencing this scenario pay attention to how their own children behave.  I find the experience amazing to see the fear in the mom is also in the child except the child is experiencing the fear at an amped up level from even the moms fear. When moms are in fear the whole family seems to feel more fear. I notice the family experiences a lot of distrust with the world, school, neighbors, friends, and sometimes even with each other.  This little fear creates an unknown state of chaos within the family. All that is required is a simple shift in focus to change a home from chaos to stability.

I once heard on Oprah many, many years ago, that a sexual predators next victim is the child who doesn’t know about sex.  That line has always stuck with me. I realized as a mom it was my job to empower my boys to be informed in all kinds of situations. I find moms informing their child, except they inform in the frequency of fear. For example, they will say, “there is car I don’t recognize across the street.” The mom is feeling fearful of what it might possibly happen. The child feels the fear the mom is experiencing and becomes even more fearful than before.  The car could be something as harmless as the neighbors relative visiting for the day. We don’t know; we are not fully informed. We have a tendency to choose the frequency or feeling of distrust creating a sense helplessness. In that instant we just modeled for our kids how to handle the situation, thoughts words, feeling and actions all in one go.  Now we find our child staying home in fear distrusting what is outside, which they carry the distrust throughout their lives.

What if you say to your child, “I don’t recognized the car across the street. To empower you and keep you safe, please make sure you and your brother stay together until the car leaves.”  You can ask for divine help, to keep you safe. Never hurts to have extra protection. Add a love bomb or two. Then go about your day.

In that instant, you created empowerment and love for you, your child, and other family members.  You informed your child there might be danger, at the same time, you gave them tools to keep them safe and empowered themselves to handle future situations. In addition to having your child feel safe and empowered.  You naturally begin to create trust with you, your child, friends, family, and the outside world.

How can you create empowerment and love with your current behavior patterns? If you are not sure what your patterns are how do you feel in the experience? Is it creating more fear and worry or trust and love? Once you can see it you can change it. As you begin to choose t change change your habits, you will move away from fear and distrust. You will naturally begin creating you, your child, family to have more love, empowerment, and trust with you, each other, friends, and the world

With Love,