This week’s blog “You Want Validation”

Hey There It’s Sharon,

This week is all about validation.

Last week’s blog about my value really turned my life upside down. I don’t know if you caught it but when I said, “I realized my value comes within.” This one little statement totally changed my life in a flash.

Let’s take a deeper dive into how that statement changed my life and why you may want to start validating yourself. Well, first off, Remember whatever feeling you have within is what you give out. You also get more of in return.

Empowerment comes from within. It is a frequency within you wanting to come out and play.  What happens is when you play small the ego gets to come out and play boss. The ego wants to be stroked, and petted. The ego needs all that outside validation.

When you start letting yourself know how important you are, or how you made a difference in a situation, what a good job you did here or there, you create a frequency from within which radiates outward. You carry a KNOWINGNESS and the ego takes a back seat. You naturally feel more confident and empowered, and all you did is acknowledge what you did. When you acknowledge your own goodness, you don’t need to look outside of you. So, when you do get outside compliments, the compliments tend to give you more information and a smile in the heart. The compliments are not what makes it so you know if you are good or not.  Instilling your own goodness is one way you can show up differently in the world and start really changing your world for the better.


  •  The ego wants its spot back. It’s telling you are being SUPERIOR.
    • When you start to give compliments to yourself all the feelings, thoughts that put you down start showing up.
    • Tell the ego to shut up. (I know, harsh, but sometimes needed)
    • Give yourself a little mantra to say when the ego goes off on a tangent. Such as I am Fabulous, Sweet, and Kind.
    • Say your little mantra over and over again until your ego quiets down.
    • Take stock before bed what three things you did well today?
    • Make a mental note what was your favorite experience.
    • Take 20 seconds saying what you did out loud every single night.
    • Journal about your list. Writing it down makes it really concrete.
  • NOW FEEL the smile in your heart. Acknowledging how good you are creates more happiness and confidence within you.

a little note. These are just suggestions that worked for me. Tweak them to fit your life. You are the one in charge.

This short video takes a deeper dive into your complementing yourself.

I hope this helps you find the courage to start making yourself feel empowered, because that is where it starts. It starts from within. Now you can start empowering others because you empowered you first.

NOTE: Sometimes when you start rewiring your patterns stuff shows up. You can always schedule a session with me to help you release the feelings with ease.

Lots of Love,